Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun With DTV

I went out and bought a digital converter box for my TV since I got the $40 coupon card from the government. I got rid of my cable since I will be moving soon and so I thought, what the heck, I might as well get as many channels as I can for free... So off to Circuit City I went last night and picked up the highly rated Zenith DTT900 model... Lets go on a journey now as I set it up:

1. So here it is... The DTT900 from Zenith... Now I can "Digitize The Experience". It lists for $59.95 but out of pocket was somewhere around $23 when I used the $40 coupon from the feds.

2. Out of the box and plugged in... Blue light when it is powered on... Red light when it is powered off. 3. Fully featured universal remote (Batteries Included!)
4. My favorite feature is that the digital signal allows stations to send alot of different data including channel schedule and show information. One of the features of the converter box that uses some of that data is a channel guide just like you get with digital cable...

5. There is also an on screen signal strength bar that shows the, well, strength of the tv stations signal... It is also accompanied by a somewhat annoying beeping noise... The better the signal the higher the pitch of the beep.
Overall its really awesome... Instead of only 5 or so analog channels over the air I now have 12 channels (with even more to come since WKOW, WMSN, MyMadisonTV, and WBUW don't utilize any of their digital subchannels yet) in Dolby stereo and the picture is just like digital cable quality...

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