Friday, March 14, 2008

Woman Attacked Clerk Over Cup, Police Say

A woman faces aggravated assault charges after she attacked a store clerk and tried to run over him because the store was out of Styrofoam cups, Houston police said.The entire incident was caught on surveillance video at the Texaco convenience store in northeast Houston on Tuesday, KPRC-TV in Houston reported.The video shows 44-year-old Alicia Adams walking into the store to get a 20-ounce drink.Clerk Ben Kyung told Adams they were out of cups in that size and she got upset.Houston police Officer Randy Crowder said Adams pushed the clerk, knocked items off the counter and assaulted the store's manager as she stormed out of the store."She hit me and pushed me a few times," Kyung said.The clerk ran outside to catch her and write down her license plate number. Investigators said Adams attempted to run over Kyung in the parking lot and almost drove through the front door of the store.Crowder responded to the call and blocked Adams' car in the parking lot as she tried to leave."She appeared to be emotional and bipolar," Crowder said. "She was almost in tears crying."Adams was scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning. Her bond was set at $30,000.

WFTV: Woman Attacked Clerk Over Cup, Police Say

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