Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Online Paper Refers to Madison's Brat Fest as a "Record Breaking Sausage Fest"

Organizers of Brat Fest in Madison, Wis., say the event broke its own world record by selling 191,712 bratwurst sausages during its four-day run.

Tim Metcalfe, one of the organizers, said the 2004 record of 189,432 brats was beaten when a huge dinner rush near the end of the festival led to 10,000 brats being sold in a single hour, The (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal reported Tuesday.

The stage bands got up and said, 'If everybody buys one brat right now, we can break this record,' Metcalfe said. I think everybody just had one more.

Metcalfe estimated the bratwurst celebration raised more than $100,000 for the charities chosen by volunteer servers.

The Post-Chronicle

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