Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Social networking for babies???

Now there's social networking for babies, with a bunch of Web sites that do the same thing as My Space and Facebook, but for the toddler set.

Babyspot (, Bundlo (, MyBabyOurBaby ( and an about-to-launch site called TotSpot ( are now busily competing to get your baby's profile online.

Big-time ideas. Who likes to brag more than parents, except perhaps grandparents? And they can get into the craze, too, contributing their own content and networking with other grandparents.

Privacy is a big part of the baby sites. before you join one and start posting all the details about your baby and the family, make sure you can limit who gets to see all the details.

You can see where this is heading.

Playgroups and playdates will be arranged online, baby-sitters sought, shared and booked, and first words, first steps and first potty successes will be chronicled and digitally preserved to forever haunt the child as he grows into the easily embarrassed years.

Detroit Free Press

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