Friday, July 25, 2008

Driver Reaches For Handgun After Request For 'Grey Poupon'

SANDY - A wiseguy who asked another Utah driver whether he had any Grey Poupon -- in a reference to a world famous commercial -- found himself looking down the barrel of a semiautomatic handgun instead, authorities said.

A vehicle containing three people was traveling near 900 East Winchester Street (6600 South) on June 18, when one of the occupants decided to crack a joke to the driver next to them.

"Excuse me, sir... do you have any Grey Poupon?" asked passenger Stephen Cox.

The quip was a reference to the world famous commercials that advertise the dijon mustard -- in which a sophisticated older gentleman asks a limousine passenger to roll his windows down, and asks the same question. (Watch the commercial)

However, police say when Cox posed the question to 22-year-old Vitaly Alex Kovtun, of Sandy, the driver was not amused.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of the mustard, Kovtun allegedly pulled a semiautomatic handgun from the glove box, cocked it, and pointed it at the inquiring passengers in the other vehicle.
A man offers some Grey Poupon dijon mustard to another motorist in a famous TV commercial by Nabisco. (Nabisco)
A man offers some Grey Poupon dijon mustard to another motorist in a famous TV commercial by Nabisco. (Nabisco)

Kovtun then allegedly said, "Here's your Grey Poupon! Roll your [expletive] windows up."

Those inside of the car managed to record Kovtun's license plate number before he left, which authorities later used to track him down.

According to court documents, Kovtun later admitted to pulling the handgun, cocking the slide and pointing it at those in the other vehicle.

No one was injured in the incident, but Kovtun has been charged with a count of aggravated assault, which is a third-degree felony.

The charge, according to Utah Code 76-5-102, alleges that Kovtun used a dangerous weapon likely to produce death or serious bodily injury.


TV Commercial: "Excuse me... do you have any Grey Poupon?"
TV Commercial: "Would you have any Grey Poupon?"

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