Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Man to Cops: "Just relaxing in the park."

— A 41-year-old man who told police he was just “relaxing” with his pants undone at the Fort Pierce Community Center was arrested and charged Saturday with lewd or lascivious exhibition/masturbation.

Fort Pierce Police officers saw Nicodeme Petion sitting in the driver’s seat with his pants open, belt unbuckled with a sock over his genital area, according to a police report. Before police contact with Petion, a family with young children walked past his 1994 green Chevy Caprice and the mother looked inside the car and quickly ran over and picked up her child to escort them pass Petion’s vehicle, according to a police report.

Petion told officers he was “just relaxing in the park” and that his pants were open because he was “hot,” according to a police report.

Also, officers found a black and red book bag with 11 condoms, a pamphlet on STD awareness, Latina babes pornographic magazine, two white ankle socks and one black sock with possible seminal secretions.

Also, Petion was cited for driving while his license was suspended.


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