Tuesday, July 22, 2008

But... But... But... He Brought Hockey Back

Norm Coleman has been running a television ad that has a guy in a bowling alley spewing all these great things that Coleman has supposedly "got done" during his tenure in the U.S. Senate... In the ad, voices off screen yell "He brought hockey back!!" after the guy on camera finishes a sentence (as if that is such an important thing... and on a side note, Norm Coleman was the mayor of St Paul when the NHL announced a return to Minnesota and the arena was built, so even if it were important to mention, it is completely irrelevant when it comes to Coleman's Senate tenure)

Anyway, Al Franken has shot back with an ad that spoofs the dumb Coleman "Bowling and Hockey ad... The ad features a man in a bowling alley discussing Norm's many failings as Senator, like voting for giant cuts in student aid, selling out to Big Oil, and rubber-stamping the Bush policy in Iraq. As he hears about more of Norm's record, he realizes that although hockey will always be Minnesota's favorite pastime, Norm Coleman hasn't represented Minnesota well in Washington.:

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