Sunday, June 15, 2008

Famous Cow Comes Home

— Despite all the bad news the Janesville area has faced lately, one giant fiberglass cow was able to give residents something to celebrate Saturday morning.

“It’s kind of nice to have positive things going on in town,” said Tom Lasse, a partner in BLM Land, the current owners of Bessie the Cow.

Bessie the Cow, a Janesville landmark, returned from her makeover to her northeast side home next to Del Taco during a public rededication ceremony. But the 42nd birthday cake, free Bessie T-shirts, dozens of pictures and car honking from admiring fans likely won’t be the last for her.

Lasse said he hopes to have a lot of fun with her by holding events including an annual birthday party.

“I hope this isn’t the end of her celebration,” he said.

Other secret plans are in the works, he said, which promise to “make some news.”

Thanks to a location closer to Milton Avenue and fewer trees in the area, motorists on Interstate 90/39 now are able to see Bessie.

That’s welcome news for Darlene Freeburg of Janesville, who couldn’t wait for Bessie’s public return. She visited the bovine twice during her makeover by Al Utzig at Utzig’s CARSTAR.

“We went down at Christmas to see her in the snow,” said Freeburg, who attended the rededication with her husband and two sons who were in town from Port Washington and Chattanooga, Tenn. “She’s a trademark for Janesville.”

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