Friday, June 13, 2008


Spirit of Service MY ASS!!!!!

I was on the phone from 10pm to 1am last night trying to get a DSL access issue taken care of. Yep... 3 DAMN HOURS! It was quite a trip... From the US... To India... To another call center in India... and back the US...

Then... There was today's incident

Why the hell when I am in the middle of a "live chat" with a "live person" is there a 2 or 3 minute pause in the conversation followed by a "Thank you for waiting, I will be with you in a moment"? WHAT THE FUCK?! You will be with me in a moment? We've been in the middle of a conversation with each other for 10 minutes? Does the 3rd party "" service just pass conversations between multiple people pretending to be "Lucas W"? Maybe its one person sitting in a bathtub in Hoboken juggling 1000 chats at one time under a variety of assumed names? On top of that the 3rd party online chat service doesn't know shit about Qwest policies and can't actually assist you with any actual HELP.

I have never ever been 150% fed up with a company after only 24 hours as a customer, so congratulations to Qwest. Your sub-par DSL speed and connection quality, combined with your inflated monopolistic price gouging ($27 a month for 256k??? ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS! For $2 more I could get 1.5 meg speed which isn't quite as bad a price, but of course, "that speed is not currently available at (my) address" and the fact that I am "required" to have a voice line as well, so that is $18 bucks a month on top of the $27) and sub par customer service both over the phone and online have made me long for the days that I was an AT&T DSL subscriber or even my days as a CHARTER Cable internet subscriber...

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