Monday, June 23, 2008

Pundit Round-up: Weekend Review

The weekend edition is here. Collect them all and amaze your friends.

William Kristol: That ad with that mom and the little kid is completely narcissistic. We have an all-volunteer army and she's talking about a draft. Therefore, it's all about hating the troops.

In my next column, I'll show you how 2+3=7, and how the troops (and families of the troops, and all those retired troops) that think we should start coming home hate the troops.

Paul Krugman: being a homeowner isn't a requirement to being an American citizen (that "life, liberty and property" thing got changed along the way.) Good thing, too, the way the economy is going. Bonus points for finding today's Obama swipe (I have one in every column because I may not have anything against Obama, but I really dislike U of Chicago economists.)

Fareed Zakaria: After an appropriately somber and serious hiatus of telling people what to do about Iraq, I'm back telling people what to do about Iraq. Since it looks like Obama will win, I am directing the force of my intellect towards him. I will write his speech for him, the one he must give.

God, I love my job.

Robert Novak: I've never stopped telling Republicans what to do, and as long as I'm undead, I never will. Now, the GOP is a bunch of wimpy-assed nervous Nellies, crying in their milk that they are going to lose. And they will lose, and badly. Grow up, and take your medicine like a man. Enact Paul Ryan's "Gramm-Rudman on steroids". Cut every damn tax that exists and then cut more taxes. if McCain doesn't listen to me, he'll never be Ronald Reagan.

God, I love my job.

Jay Newton-Small: Breaking. Apparently Joe Lieberman's colleagues are peeved with him. You heard it here first.

God, I'm glad I have a job.

Fred Hiatt: "Administration officials, not surprisingly, dispute the conventional wisdom that the next president will inherit a hopelessly losing hand in world affairs. Senior officials argue that they have managed well the most important relationships in Asia -- the U.S.-Japan-China triangle -- and that relations with Europe have improved since the first term, as President Bush's recent tour confirmed. Leaders in Mexico and Colombia value U.S. friendship, while Venezuela's anti-American president is on the defensive. The brightening outlook in Iraq has kindled a more optimistic outlook overall."

God, I hate my job.

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