Thursday, June 19, 2008

Headline of the Week:

This week's winner of 'Headline of the Week' is from the June 19, 2008 edition of MSNBC's "VERDICT with DAN ABRAMS":

"McCain Camp Makes It Clear They Are Avoiding Bush in Iowa"

----Yeah, I mean, that is a smart move... Considering Bush's track record when it comes to responding to flood disasters...

---- On another note, do you think Bush purposely waited until today (Thursday) to visit Iowa and view the damage so that it matches his Katrina response? (Since he waited a long time to visit New Orleans and he heard that they were calling the current situation "Iowa's Katrina".... 'Hey! Get off my jock America!!!! It took me just as long to show up in Iowa, so all that "George Bush didn't show up in New Orleans right away cuz he doesn't care about the people of New Orleans cuz a majority of them are too poor to vote Republican" stuff can't be true, right?')

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